Window Cleaning

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Decide what you want cleaned

Total number of panes to be cleaned
Exteriors windows cleaned
Interior windows cleaned
Window Tracks
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Prior To Arrival

Interior Window Panes

Interior Windows
Please have anything breakable moved off the sills
We need access to the glass: so, moving furniture is greatly appreciated (We can help)
We wear booties to protect your floors

Exterior Window Panes

Exteriors Only
To be safe, we ask the homeowner to remove the screens prior to our arrival. While we can get most screens out from the outside, we want to make sure we can have access to the glass
If you have a fence, please leave at least one gate unlocked so we can have access to the backyard
Please keep any pets that have access to the backyard inside
It doesn't hurt to cleanup any "landmines"; I know our hands will be full and focused on getting the job done quickly and correctly



Cleaners, Methods, Tools

We keep toxins out of your home and away from your family by cleaning your windows with products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic without sacrificing a streak-free shine

Time Requirements

Average Panes Per Hour

There are several variables that affect length of time. 
Condition of windows
What is on glass, i.e. paint, tree sap, oil, dirt, etc
How much ladder work is required
The average is roughly 20 panes per hour is a good place to start

Do I Have To Be There?

For interior window cleaning, we do ask that the homeowner be present. Our standard procedure is to clean the interior window panes first. That way, you can leave prior to completion if you have other obligations

For exteriors, we would like you to be there, at least for the completion, but it is not necessary.