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Ray Roll, Marine is mentioned in our corporate profile. As you can imagine, we LOVE vets and all those others that put their life on the line to keep us safe, healthy, wealthy, and wise. There is a certain image that is created when Marine Corps is mentioned. We do our best to emulated those values that separate us from the others. Ray enjoyed success during his 5 years in Marine Corps, culminating with 3 Meritorious Promotions.

We use our window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing business as the tool to develop our people. Our focus is on developing our Warriors to continue build and exploit their leadership skills. In turn, we’ve found that they understand and push to create better and better customer experiences. We have a great business and training model to help them better understand entrepreneurship. We’re excited when they decide to stay with us; we’re excited if they want to partner and open a new location; we’re excited if they want to move to different ventures.
Ray Roll, Windows Gutters Etc
Our people have the authority to make changes on the job sites.. We are always looking for ways to streamline the process that allows our customers to know exactly what to expect and be informed the entire way. While it’s rare, if we make a mistake, not only do we listen to the issue, we we share ideas to create solutions. We are there within 48 hours to correct…and we try to be there same day.
In regards to referral business (property managers, real estate agents, painters, other businesses, and personal referrals), we guarantee you will always look good to the person in which you referred. We want your business relationships and personal relationships to grow stronger.
Three things we focus on while on the job site is safety, effectiveness, and efficiency
I’ve mentioned always improving the customer experience. We monitor repeat business, referrals, and reviews closely as a true metric for great engagements
We have a simple business that requires excellent execution to separate us and grow our success. It is taken very seriously and monitored closely.
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