Christmas Light Hanging

’tis the season

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Christmas light hanging with classic clean lines

Would it be crazy to think you want anything other than classic clean lines with your Christmas light hanging? Let our Christmas light hangers light up your life. We can also wrap your trees and hang wreaths. You provide the lights, we provide the labor. 

Pricing Examples To Hang Your Holiday Lights

Every house is different. Here are some of the factors we consider when we quote to hang your holiday lights

  • How big is the job
  • Can we walk on the roof or is it too steep
  • Do you want every bulb attached individually or do you want them attached every 3-5 (lower price)
  • Roofing Material (asphalt, tile, wood shake, metal, etc)


power cords, extension cords, splitters

Creating clean, elegant lines is really determined by how we run power and connect from strand to strand.

What we’ll need from you in this order. First, we need to survey all possible power sources. Second, do you want your lights controlled from a centralized switch or do you prefer they turn on/off automatically? Third, what look do you want from your lights? Now, we can determine how many extension cords, lengths, and if any splitters are needed.

Notice how the lights in each picture frames the front of the house and peaks? To keep the lines clean, we run power cords instead of lights from peak to peak. Give us a call and we can share our ideas on the best approach to achieving your desired look. 


Christmas light clips

When you hire us, we provide the clips. There are a few things we keep in mind as we hang your Christmas lights. Obviously, the most important piece is making sure the lights are secured. 

We’ll need your input for the next part. Do you want each bulb clipped individually or every 4 or 5. Clipping each bulb has a more uniform, precision look. Clipping every few bulbs has a nice look with a slight wave. There is a premium adjustment due to additional time required.  To know more, visit

When we take down your lights, we’ll make sure they are labeled properly. You’ll thank us next year when your lights get put up again. 


Christmas light timers, christmas light remotes

Timers offer freedom!

Go out to dinner, come home to a beautifully lit home. Hit the rack early, your lights turn off without you having to get out of bed. 

  • Photocell light sensor turns on at dusk. Then turns off after set number of hours 
  • Digital Clocks, set the time on clock then enter your on/off times. 
  • Mechanical clocks are the least expensive, but aren’t the easiest to use

After picking your timer style, then decide how many outlets you need. You can find anywhere from 1 to 6 openings.  It’s all going to be based on how many different power lines need to be connected