High rise windows should be cleaned at least twice a year. Depending on the type of high rise building and proximity to industrial sites, the frequency may be increased. The weather can also affect the frequency of cleaning. Extremely dry climates can damage windows, while excessive dampness can lead to mold growth. Read this first!

Safety measures

High-rise window cleaning specialists need to be trained in the latest safety practices. They need to be certified in their field and wear the proper fall protection gear. In the past, there have been several fatalities in high-rise window cleaning, but the number of fatalities has reduced due to increased focus on safety.

High-rise window cleaning requires a thorough training program and regular evaluation of all workers. This will ensure that the right person is performing the right task. It will also reduce the risk of injury and liability. Safety equipment should include harnesses, lines, and anchors, as well as personal protective equipment, such as gloves, helmets, and boots. The equipment must be checked annually.

In 2001, the American National Standard I-14.1 was published, and has served as a guideline for window cleaning businesses. It has successfully reduced the number of accidents and fatalities by 30%. The standard also includes proper training and inspection of equipment.


When it comes to high-rise window cleaning, you can use special equipment to tackle tricky corners and areas. The Bosun’s Chair can fit a single window washer and is a great way to clean corners of a building. Different kinds of high-rise buildings require different cleaning frequencies. For example, buildings located on the lower floors have more street-level winds and grit than higher floors. Depending on the building, you may need to hire a bigger team to complete the job.

Another popular piece of high-rise window cleaning equipment is the boom. This is one of the oldest and most widely used window-washing equipment. It carries a crew of professionals to the top of a building.


High-rise window cleaning is a specialty that requires specialized training. A job in this field involves climbing roofs and cleaning windows. Window washers need a variety of equipment, such as safety harnesses and ropes. They must be able to use these tools to safely clean windows, and they must also be familiar with ropes and knots.

Getting high-rise window cleaning training is crucial to ensuring safety. This type of work has a higher fatality rate than the average worker, and most accidents result from human error. When a window washer is not wearing safety equipment or is distracted, they can slip and fall. Also, when the wind is strong, their platform can get blown away from the building.


The costs of high-rise window cleaning can vary greatly depending on the type of window, the size of the window and the complexity of the design. The average price range for residential cleaning is between $8 and $16 per window. Most cleaners will also include washing the sills and track as part of their service. Additionally, the cost of cleaning screens varies from $0.50 to $5, depending on whether they are regular screens or solar screens.

The cost of window cleaning varies greatly depending on the size of the windows and the number of panes. A single-pane window will cost about $10, while a large glass door with paint on the edges will cost around $50. The cost of removing mineral deposits is another factor to consider. Professional window cleaners use chemicals designed to remove these deposits. However, be careful with these chemicals, especially around plants.


Hiring a high rise window cleaning specialist is an excellent choice to ensure that your windows are as clean as possible. Professionals have specialized equipment that can reach even the highest windows. They also have access to the right cleaning solution and a variety of tools and materials to ensure that you can enjoy the cleanest windows possible. Results of high rise window cleaning specialists will be evident once the work is done. A high-rise building can have a wide variety of windows that require different cleaning methods and solutions.

Professional high-rise window cleaners have advanced training that allows them to thoroughly clean the glass surfaces of high-rise buildings. They have the experience necessary to clean all kinds of stains, from acid rain and hard water to oxidation. Find out more!