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When we start your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing job, we focus on these three areas that we hope will give you a great experience, earn your 5 star respect, and most importantly, hire us again for all your other projects 

Window Cleaning

We want you to have a 5 star window cleaning experience. Before starting, our window cleaners will discuss exactly what you want done. Window cleaning is done with Eco-friendly, non toxic solutions that are kid and pet friendly. All pricing will be confirmed prior to starting; so, there are no surprises. Once the job is completed, we will do a walk through with you to make sure we didn't miss anything.

While we are window cleaning, we will make you aware of any potential issues that could cause future expense. For example, many windows have 10yr warranties against seal breaks (moisture between the panes). Pointing out the subtle indicators will help you take advantage of warranties before they expire.

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of those necessary evils. Let us get on the ladder for you. The gutter cleaning process is pretty straight forward. Our approach  varies depending on the job site, but the overall goal is the same. First we remove and bag the debris. Second we flush the gutters with water to remove the remaining dirt and debris in the gutters. Most importantly, we punch out the downspouts to ensure they are flowing properly.

Once we finish the final cleanup around the house, we'll let you know the condition of your gutters. For example, when we notice the gutters are leaning away from the downspouts causing water to pool at the wrong end, it's important that you know before damaging the house. When rust starts to form, with proper attention, we can extend the life of your gutters. 

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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is a great way to put the shine back on your house. The picture below is a great example of how overtime, your house, fences, decks can start to look old. In the picture below, we used a 3100psi pressure washer to remove the weathered look from the fence that naturally occurs over time. The same happens to the house siding, decks, patios, walkways, stone, you name it. If you don't have the time, equipment, experience, let us do the pressure washing for you and make your home look new again.

The job site goals will determine the type of detergents we use, if any. We use eco-friendly solvents. If the job requires a more industrial cleaner, we will get your approval prior. Sometimes those oil stains in the garage or driveway can demand more intense cleaning. Stains may not completely come out due to saturation or blending with the surface; but, it will look significantly better.

Pressure washing and power washing

Sharing Our Good Fortune

We are fortunate to a have a business that is producing revenue. Among the non-profits that we contribute is the Semper Fi Fund. Because they give 94+% of the money raised to our injured Warriors and their families, we are proud to be an official sponsor. We are also ramping up our local charitable contributions. It may appear braggadocios to list some of the charities that we contribute, but our hope is bring awareness to these groups and inspire others to give too.

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Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning Videos

Our window cleaning and gutter cleaning videos hopefully give you an idea how we approach each service. There are also tips for the do it yourselfers. We're trying to come up with some fun ideas that can inform and entertain...who doesn't prefer to watch others clean?

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