Started by a Marine, Partner with Marines, and Vets

We carry Workman's Comp to protect you and our people, as well as General Liability to protect your property

When we start your window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing job, do you want a company that focuses on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness? Obviously, you want the job done right. Relaxing is easy knowing that we have your best interest at heart.  We want you to enjoy a 5 star experience. When you do, our hope is you continue to bring us on board for your other projects…you won’t be the first…OORAH!

Our Goal Is Two Fold

We want to give our customers a great experience. In turn, we hope this will result in a profitable business. As we get better, it’s time to start helping other Marines and Vets start their own profitable window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing business. We’re always looking for THE FEW, THE PROUD…to join and partner with our team. Give Ray a call. 

Obviously, your windows will look great. Let’s cut to the chase…What’s it going to cost?

We price per pane and whether you want interiors/exteriors or just one side. 

In/out is $7.00 per pane 

One side is  $4.00 per pane

These are typical prices. They can change depending on several factors, number of panes, time of year, number of floors, etc.

Dirty, time consuming AND getting on a ladder?

For a few dollars, why not let us do a safe and thorough gutter cleaning?

While our pricing is determined by certain factors, our fees are fairly straight forward

One story, walkable pitch, asphalt shingles, no gutter guards, under 1500 sf – $119

Two story, walkable pitch, asphalt shingles, no gutter guards, under 3000 sf – $159

We also offer clearing under ground drains a.k.a. french drains

Do you want your house, porch, patios, fences, and driveways to look better? 

Have you thought about protecting your house from corrosion  which can reduce the life and eventually cost you more money?

Selling?  Do you think it will make a better first impression ?

You can pay now or pay a lot more later. 

Friendly, professional, good work! Have been using Ray's services for years.
Stephanie Chasteen
Stephanie C.
16:50 01 Dec 20
Thank you Raymond, Fantastic job.Great customer service.Very good experience with this company. I am saving their contact information!
Luisa Olvera
Luisa O.
23:45 28 Nov 20
It was a cold day and Tim came for the gutter cleaning. It was getting dark already so I was a little afraid that he would finish his job quickly and finish his day. When he finally finished his job, it was so dark and very cold. He took for 2 hours to clean the gutter and even showed me the photo of my gutter BEFORE and AFTER the cleaning. I just couldn't believe my eyes. It was as if he installed a brand new gutter, not even a leaf was left in it! He was honest and very professional. You will not regret to ask for the service to Windows Gutters Etc. I will come back to them for more
Fujiko Oshima
Fujiko O.
20:48 26 Nov 20
Excellent work and great customer service. Our gutters were cleaned thoroughly, and everyone we spoke with was knowledgeable and kind.
Kaci Cooper
Kaci C.
21:49 25 Nov 20
Outstanding customer service. Thank you!!
Gerry Martinez
Gerry M.
18:22 25 Nov 20
Maureen James
Maureen J.
14:22 25 Nov 20
We are blown away by this business! Ray the owner went above and beyond for us. He answered my call right away and gave me a quote within minutes. I was calling on behalf of my friends who are going through very difficult time. Ray couldn't have been kinder or more caring. He took care of their gutter needs right away and personally made their cleaning flawless and easy. Ray and his company are a true example that there are good and kind people in our crazy world. He is class act and is our guy for all things windows and gutters from here on out! I highly recommend his business for their professionalism, care and quality! Thank you so much Ray for taking care of my friends and for your gift of service! You have touched our hearts and we won't forget this!!read more
Ally Shimer
Ally S.
19:24 24 Nov 20
Kathleen McGackin
Kathleen M.
17:34 24 Nov 20
Honest and reliable, will plan for more services.Prices fair
Linda Cash
Linda C.
20:39 23 Nov 20
Kirsten Noecker
Kirsten N.
21:12 22 Nov 20
They did such an excellent job. Kind, courteous, on time and did excellent work. I've already recommended them to a few others this week!
Ronda Chapleski
Ronda C.
21:25 20 Nov 20
I can always count on Cesar to do 5-star quality work, and I always appreciate his 5-star professionalism.
Barbara Svik
Barbara S.
18:59 20 Nov 20
Windows Gutters Etc arrived on time and completed the gutter cleaning at our 8 Townhouse Bldgs in a professional manner. The workers were very friendly and willing to take direction concerning the work pertinent to the bldgs. The cleanup at each bldg. exterior and at the porch decks was prompt and professionally completed. We will use Windows Gutters Etc next more
Tim Kirby
Tim K.
17:48 20 Nov 20
They are so professional and personable! Highly recommend them.
Patricia Conis
Patricia C.
17:42 20 Nov 20
I love this vet owned business!
Paula Sarlls
Paula S.
15:14 19 Nov 20
Susan Marcott
Susan M.
18:32 18 Nov 20
Very prompt, and professional.
Diana Solomon
Diana S.
16:10 18 Nov 20
Extremely responsive, top quality work, on time and efficient, excellent price.
William Peterson
William P.
17:16 17 Nov 20
I have used this company several time and will continue to do so for both gutter cleaning and interior and exterior window washing. Very pleasant to deal with, very responsive and do a great job. Ray, the owner, cleaned my gutters yesterday, cleaned up all debris, washed down my house siding, deck, patio and front porch. Great more
Kevin N
Kevin N
14:20 17 Nov 20
Antoinette Hills
Antoinette H.
23:26 16 Nov 20
Annie Fox
Annie F.
16:59 16 Nov 20
Would highly recommend! Got our gutters cleaned super quick and Ray was wonderful.
Nicole Rodriguez
Nicole R.
16:50 16 Nov 20
Ray has been cleaning my windows for several years now. He is reliable and does a great job. Thanks Ray.
Kate Kelley
Kate K.
15:12 16 Nov 20
Excellent service, thorough and professional.
Ashwin Saodekar
Ashwin S.
03:19 14 Nov 20
You guys always do a great job!
Mike Barnwell
Mike B.
20:48 13 Nov 20
Thank you, Ray!
David Stuhlemmer
David S.
22:46 12 Nov 20
Was very impressed with the work done by Windows Gutter ETC. My gutters were packed with leaves and pressure washing assured they were totally clean. Cesar did an excellent job. Thank more
Kathryn Schlichting
Kathryn S.
20:31 11 Nov 20
Great overall experience! Extremely easy to book, affordable, communicative and professional. Would definitely reccomend!
Kirk Fallon
Kirk F.
19:01 10 Nov 20
Very good job and great customer service.
Samar Perry
Samar P.
22:56 08 Nov 20
Professional, polite, and efficient service with Ray. Highly recommend for windows and gutter cleaning.
Elizabeth Stein
Elizabeth S.
22:34 08 Nov 20
Great, professional service from a locally owned company. Highly recommend!
Timothy Paffel
Timothy P.
14:08 08 Nov 20
Great experience. Very professional and did an awesome job cleaning my gutters.Would recommend them highly !
John Smith
John S.
14:38 07 Nov 20
Vijay Kendai
Vijay K.
00:57 07 Nov 20
Doc Bam
Doc B.
04:29 06 Nov 20
Lisa Racutt
Lisa R.
01:16 05 Nov 20
Ben Garvin
Ben G.
00:14 04 Nov 20
Mike Henthorn
Mike H.
17:54 03 Nov 20
I called Ray on a Friday and he was able to come out the next day to do a full clean of our gutters which we desperately needed. He was attentive, communicative and we’re so happy with his work! I will definitely be recommending more
Olivia Tattory
Olivia T.
01:44 03 Nov 20
Ceaser did my Gutters And WOW! Excellent! The office was very pleasant do deal with! Highly Recommend! Thank you Ceaser!
Bliss Harshman
Bliss H.
23:32 02 Nov 20
Ray works very hard to insure the gutters are done completely. Always reliable and thorough! We have used them for our rental properties for years!read more
Lori Jones
Lori J.
15:55 01 Nov 20
From start to finish, Ray and his staff were fast and friendly. I received an instant estimate and was scheduled for the following day. Ray arrived during the promised time frame and completed my gutter cleaning quickly and without more
sharee drahn
sharee D.
21:51 31 Oct 20
Cesar does a very good job and does a little extra besides without asking, like pressure cleaning my entire driveway rather than just washing off the stuff that dropped from the roof. This was the second scheduled appointment and I already scheduled the net. Thank you more
Daniel Ares
Daniel A.
15:24 30 Oct 20
Very helpful for assessing what needed to be done!
Austen Hughes
Austen H.
22:51 28 Oct 20
I called Raymond about a gutter fix that I needed done to prevent water damage. He responded within an hour, fixed my problem completely, and offered suggestions for better efficiency of my gutter gutter system. He is prompt, professional, and most importantly a great person who cares about his customers. I would recommend Windows Gutters Etc. to anyone. Thank you again, more
Eddie Valdez
Eddie V.
21:12 28 Oct 20
Excellent job on my gutters I will have them back for next cleaning
Christine Sergeant
Christine S.
13:26 24 Oct 20
Great customer service and a fantastic job. Will call them again when I need my gutters cleaned.
Evangeline Bijou
Evangeline B.
03:42 24 Oct 20
Ray and his team were amazing. They were able to accommodate a last minute scheduling request from me and did a great job. Windows are spotless and exterior is free of dust/debris/cobwebs. It gives the home a nice refreshed feel! Will book Ray and his team again. Highly recommended!read more
Ari Margolis
Ari M.
20:51 22 Oct 20
They are always on time and do an excellent job of keeping our gutters clean. I really appreciate the attention to detail and communication throughout the job!read more
Jill Hillman
Jill H.
18:13 21 Oct 20
Marie Belew Wheatley
Marie Belew W.
13:14 21 Oct 20
We are a repeat customer and have been very happy with our service from Ray. He does an excellent job and we will continue to use his services. I highly recommend this more
Chrystina Tasset
Chrystina T.
09:48 21 Oct 20