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You asked for “gutter cleaning near me”…here we are, your local top rated gutter cleaner. There’s a reason you’re visiting this page;  it’s time to get your gutters cleaned. What we offer is safety, effectiveness, and efficiency…all for a great price.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

Our base gutter cleaning price includes removing all debris, flushing the gutters and downspouts to make sure everything functions properly and,  of course, we’ll make sure any mess that hits the ground is removed.

Our base price applies to roughly 70% of the jobs. Examples of variables that can affect pricing are type of shingle, roof pitch, gutter guards, last time they were cleaned, solar panels, one or two stories, etc. If we run into any unforeseen problems, don’t worry, our quote typically  doesn’t change. At times, our pricing may even be reduced. We don’t take your money for granted.

One Story, typical pricing – $119

Two story, typical pricing $159

Before we start any job, we will agree on the price. NO SURPRISES!

That’s why you want us when you are looking for “gutter cleaning near me”

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

Our approach is to make sure we do the job safely, effectively, and efficiently. We’ll either remove the debris by hand or, more typically, use a pressure washer or both. We never use leaf blowers for good reason. The type of debris we find in the gutters or whether you have drains that go under ground will determine which method we use. The end result is to get your gutters and downspouts flowing at full capacity. To know more, visit sunnywins netent playclean gutters near me

We find several recurring reasons for water flow being impeded. Obviously, number one is debris in the gutters such as leaves, dirt, mud, composite from shingles, roofing materials, tennis balls, toys and much more. Flushing the gutters with water is the ONLY way to COMPLETELY remove it all.  

Clogged downspouts are also very common. Clearing them is one reason why we use pressure washers or a garden hose instead of  leaf blowers. Dirt, shingle composite, leaves, etc. can bind together, harden then dam up the downspout elbows.

If you have kids, don’t be surprised if we find a ball or toys blocking the water. Animals and birds also get in the way. 

When you ask for gutter cleaning near me, we’re there to get the job done RIGHT and SAFELY!

Gutter Cleaning Helps Protect Your Investment

gutter cleaning foundation damage

Gutters serve one function, to channel water away from your home.  Properly functioning gutters not just protect the house foundation, but also keep water from entering your home which can create costly  water damage and potential severe health risks with long term mold. It’s that simple.

Rain moves down the roof into the gutters, flows towards the downspout, then runs into the downspouts away from your largest investment. Any blockage or impediment along the line will cause the system to not function properly; thus, the need to service regularly. 

Getting your gutters cleaned isn’t sexy because you don’t get to enjoy it like clean windows. However, it is MORE important if you have any intent to keep your foundation sound and reduce chances for costly internal water damage, and potential health risks.

Asking for “Gutter cleaning near me” is a great way to find us!

Christina Moore
Christina M.
22:45 08 Jul 20
Did a great job and cleaned up everything
Jeanne Kerr
Jeanne K.
14:23 08 Jul 20
Matt Spurlin
Matt S.
23:09 06 Jul 20
I love this business because they are very quick to respond when there are problems, and there is a friendly, personal touch. Ray also takes lots of time to explain to you what's going on, and clearly loves what he does. Thanks for your help!!read more
Sarah Malone
Sarah M.
05:00 06 Jul 20
Carol clover
Carol C.
19:35 02 Jul 20
Cesar was on time and quick to resolve the clogged issue. I tried everything to locate a blocked French drain prior and had no luck. These guys know their stuff and can fix it more
S blue
S B.
18:17 02 Jul 20
On time, professional, and did a great job. They fit us in at the end of the day to accommodate our/our kids schedules, which was wonderful. Would highly recommend!read more
Rachel Kraut
Rachel K.
22:30 30 Jun 20
Ray was quick to make accommodations to get all 60 of our windows cleaned! He uses a fabulous machine that sets, cleans and squeegees the windows without any mess or anything!! They came out beautiful! We will use Ray and Windows Gutters, Etc anytime we need a professional, deep clean and highly recommend him! Thank you, Ray and team!read more
Kate Hotchkiss
Kate H.
20:35 30 Jun 20
Our windows look fantastic! We are moving and will call these guys ASAP for window cleaning when needed!
Pete Detolve
Pete D.
00:37 30 Jun 20
MiaAriela Allen
MiaAriela A.
13:11 28 Jun 20
Renee Clark
Renee C.
21:59 26 Jun 20
Reza Zahedi
Reza Z.
23:42 24 Jun 20
Joe Slappy
Joe S.
04:06 24 Jun 20
Great quick work. Much appreciated.
Dean Raizman
Dean R.
21:11 23 Jun 20
Sue Bacon
Sue B.
17:57 22 Jun 20
Aaron Stockton
Aaron S.
04:27 21 Jun 20
Beyond what I expected. Thank you!
17:24 20 Jun 20
This is the first time using this company. I couldn’t be more pleased. We will definitely use them next year. If I could stars I would. If you are looking for singing, go no further. This company won’t more
Joyce Fruendt
Joyce F.
17:31 19 Jun 20
Cindy Knaisch
Cindy K.
21:59 18 Jun 20
Ray was great. Prompt, professional and did great work!
Adam Steinman
Adam S.
18:26 17 Jun 20
Cannot recommend highly enough here. I found them on Google, had no idea what I was talking about or looking for. Actually called asking for a completely different service, and from the first call, Ray answered all my questions and gave helpful advice. The kind of company who will talk you out of paying them for things you don't more
Crane Lemon
Crane L.
16:44 17 Jun 20
Easy to schedule, great service, and friendly!
Margit Patterson
Margit P.
02:16 17 Jun 20
Ray and his teams are real pros. Been using them for at least 6 years now. Also the fact that he hires X Marines makes warms my heart and makes it even more special. Semper more
Jerry Walters
Jerry W.
21:51 15 Jun 20
Ray was great and I had text and email notifications all along the way to remember the appointment and know when to expect the team. Ray wasn't happy with the outcome initially and came back a second time to touch up a few windows and even repaired one screen for free. I will definitely be using their service again!read more
Andy Ney
Andy N.
18:40 15 Jun 20
Kirk Strand
Kirk S.
17:48 15 Jun 20
Windows Gutter Etc. did a great job cleaning our gutters. Ray was able to fit us in and was very professional. Our two-story house is very high and the roof is quite steep, but he was able to do the job more
Elizabeth Duncan
Elizabeth D.
16:33 15 Jun 20
Very thorough, great quality work, and did their best to clean up afterwards. Very friendly and courteous. I would definitely go back to them for any future more
Naveen Chandra
Naveen C.
01:11 13 Jun 20
Service was excellent! They went above and beyond not only cleaning my gutters but patching a seam and helping me to understand the condition of my gutters and how to plan for the future. I highly recommend Windows, Gutters more
Priscilla Welch Realtor
Priscilla Welch R.
12:08 12 Jun 20
Tim McWilliams
Tim M.
20:32 11 Jun 20
Highly recommend
Kathy Turnbull
Kathy T.
19:03 11 Jun 20
My experience with Windows Gutters Etc was great from the beginning. I was contacted very soon after I requested a quote. The work was scheduled quickly. The tech showed up on time. Did a great job and cleaned up really well. Highly more
Anne C
Anne C
19:40 10 Jun 20
phuduc nguyen
phuduc N.
20:13 09 Jun 20
Highly recommend! They were great from the start to the end. I called and left a message to ask about getting the gutters on my townhome cleaned. I spoke with Valinda and she was very communicative and response; even after we had to play phone tag a couple of times. She set me up with a scheduled date and time and text immediately after to confirm. They text the day of when they were on their way and they arrived right on schedule. Once Ray showed up, he explained clearly what work was going to be done and if I had any questions or concerns. We discussed the gutters and confirmed the quoted (very reasonable) price.Ray was done within an hour, explained everything he did and saw so that I would know what to look for in the future. He was very professional and cleaned up quickly. I would definitely use their services more
Jaclyn Poteraj
Jaclyn P.
18:00 09 Jun 20
Couldn’t imagine having a better job done. We have used them for a couple of years and will continue to use them in the future. Very conscientious and great to work withread more
Robert Jacobs
Robert J.
23:39 08 Jun 20
Caesar was awesome. Super helpful and pleasant.
Catherine Olukotun
Catherine O.
01:48 05 Jun 20
Excellent service for a very fair price. The business is using some new equipment for washing the windows and cleaning the screens and the results are great!read more
Mary Merkley
Mary M.
21:45 04 Jun 20
Great and thorough job! Would definitely recommend!
Sally McMahon
Sally M.
16:29 03 Jun 20
Tim Riddle
Tim R.
14:45 03 Jun 20
Nathan Cook
Nathan C.
14:33 03 Jun 20
Excellent! Wonderful service from start to finish. Confirmed our appointment, arrived on time, did a thorough cleaning of our gutters and downspouts, cleaned up all the debris and surrounding area including our 2 cars in the driveway! Ray also did some repairs to our gutters. Very professional, great service and a reasonable price. We are very happy and will definitely use the services again. Thank youread more
Eddie Stipe
Eddie S.
12:20 03 Jun 20
On time, quick and does a great job each time. I highly recommend Windows, Gutters, Etc!
Alexis Comardo
Alexis C.
02:31 03 Jun 20
Jacob came and did a beautiful job on the carpets. Could not have asked for a better company.
Maureen Gutierrez
Maureen G.
20:59 02 Jun 20
Janine Vincent
Janine V.
19:03 02 Jun 20
Cesar did an excellent job cleaning the inside and outside of all of my windows. My whole house looks sparkling clean - it makes such a difference!read more
Jessica B
Jessica B
18:19 01 Jun 20
Friendly, professional, good work! Have been using Ray's services for years.
Stephanie Chasteen
Stephanie C.
15:02 30 May 20
Everything from customer service to impeccable job complete can not be topped. Its was a pleasure doing business the old fashion way. Giving your client 110% effort on the work they more
19:49 28 May 20
Ray has cleaned my windows for two years now and the same experience both times. Excellent service and competitive price! We will be using him again next year!read more
Tim Fry
Tim F.
14:31 28 May 20
Great job - as usual! Best gutter cleaner I've found, period. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth Rooks
Elizabeth R.
02:10 04 Aug 19
I recommend Ray highly for both his work on windows and gutters. Very thorough and reliable.
Camille Bradford
Camille B.
23:50 24 Oct 16
Windows Gutters Etc. does such a professional job and my windows look great. Ray is wonderful to work with. He takes great pride in his work and has such a professional work ethic. He is on time for the scheduled appointment time and calls ahead to let you know he is on his way. I have worked with him for over a year now and couldn't be happier with his service. I have referred him to several of my neighbors and they couldn't be happier with his service as well. If you are nervous about cost - his prices are very reasonable and he will give you a flat rate so there is no surprise when the work is completed. I would recommend him to family and friends and trust that they would be get great service at a great price!read more
Robyn Cue
Robyn C.
17:14 01 Jul 16

When And How Frequently Should I Clean My Gutters?

Is your biggest question how often should I clean my gutters? Sorry to side step your question with, “It all depends.” Most folks will address it once a year. You might be surprised that many home owners need their gutters cleaned twice and sometimes three times a year. Then there are those lucky few that can get away with once a decade. 

After we do a professional gutter cleaning, bring us back in 6 months to do a free inspection.  This will help us structure an effective maintenance plan. I bet it will feel good knowing they are being maintained properly.

Sometimes our maintenance plan will need to be adjusted. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for heavy rains, hail, late/early snow, high winds which cause branches, leaves, dirt, composite from shingles, shingles themselves, toys, bird feathers and droppings, etc…all which create obstructions. We may need to come out earlier than expected to correct the problem.

Can you tell we keep using “gutter cleaning near me”? Yep, google seems to prefer we use this phrase even when it doesn’t make sense, you are welcome

Gutter guards and gutter covers

metal screen gutter guards
gutter cleaning near me, local gutter cleaners, vinyl gutter guards

Before getting started, you need to take everything I say with a grain of salt because, I only see problems. You have several choices that can be purchased from  big box store like home depot or from direct sales companies like gutter helmet or leaf filter. I also want to let you know, if you decide the gutter guards are going to meet your needs, it will probably be best to let us install them. We can give a quote for the installation…which we typically win. Actually, I don’t think we’ve ever lost a bid for installing gutter guards. 

Gutter function is all about channeling water away from the house. Gutter guards are an attempt to reduce or eliminate any impediments while allowing water flow. I know, I posted non-flattering pictures of different types gutter covers. These pictures are from jobs I just did this year. Again, I only see problems and you can see the problems I run into. 

The first “screen” style can be found in many places including big box stores. Pros: can process water relatively well. Keeps bigger debris out, like branches and certain types of leaves. Cons: Debris will still find its way into the gutters, especially dirt, grit, certain types of leave, buds and pine needles. 

The second “gutter helmet” is a solid piece of rounded metal. Pros: does an excellent job keeping most, if not all, leaves out of the gutters. Cons: The picture says a 1,000 words. Heavy rains can go right over the gutter, straight to the ground, defeating the purpose of having gutters in the first place. PRICE! How many times can you get your gutters cleaned before you get a return on your money

The third “vinyl” is a snap in, plastic over with and mesh underlining. Pros: more affordable  compared to other options. Keeps leaves out when in good condition. Easily installed. Cons: Damages easily. Warps after a couple years. Once damaged or warped, debris fills gutters. 

The fourth solid metal with pin holes is offered frequently by local gutter companies. Pros: Keeps leaves out. Cons: Cannot process water fast enough during heavy rains. Raises susceptibility to ice damming. 

To close this out, there are other gutter guards available. Take your time to investigate for yourself. Remember to take what I say with a grain of salt because, I only see the problems. Ray

Gutter Repairs

If you can do repairs to your gutters that are effective, is there any need to replace them? First, most perceived repair needs is because the gutters need cleaned. When you invite us observe and discuss your concern, we’ll share our opinions. Again, a majority of “repairs” can be done just by getting and keeping your gutters cleaned. So, let’s dive into so common problems we see. 

Common issues are leaking seams and end caps, water falling over the gutters, water falling from behind the gutters, rust holes. standing water in the gutters, ice damming and a few other things. 

The leaking seams can be caused by a couple things. The original caulk has deteriorated and needs to be replaced/resealed. Could be they were installed improperly and either need replaced or just resealed. The older steel gutters are notorious for rusting, especially when there hasn’t been regular cleanings. Hopefully, the rust hasn’t advanced beyond repair. If not then we can make repairs, otherwise, they’ll need replaced. 

Water falling over the gutter is most likely clogged downspouts. Other reasons can be the gutters are sagging and need new hanger arms installed to pull it back against the fascia. The gutter may also need to be rehung. Last, you could have the wrong size gutter installed. If this is the case, you’ll usually see this steeped pitched roof or tile roofs. 

When it comes to patching rust holes, it is really going to depend on how far advanced the rusting is. For small holes, we will usually lay silicone over the holes. With regular upkeep, we would expect you to get a few more years before needing replacement. When the gutters have deteriorated to the point where the rust has created longer cracks, we’ll install metal flashing to cover and reinforce the gutter. Hopefully this will give more life to your gutters. 

If the rain water is falling behind the gutter, again, cleaning is the first option. gutter repair, gutter drip edge, gutter repair near me Here is where the problems can be a touch more involved. We’ll look for sagging and the gutter pulling away. Installing new hanger arms will fix this issue most of the time. 

Drip edge is a piece of flashing the goes under the roof shingles and over the back of the gutters. When the drip edge is missing or not in the correct position, water can flow behind the gutters. Several things can happen. Good chance the water will go under the shingles, eventually rotting the plywood underneath. Fascias and soffits will also eventually rot. Worse case is the water will back flow and find it’s way down the walls inside the house. The fix is apparent, install new drip edge. You can get the drip edge from home depot or other hardware stores or you can hire us. 

We can typically handle all of this. When it is out of area of expertise, we have great people to refer your business. 

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