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A little humor before we start… You may or may not know this, not only are Marines the greatest fighting force ever created, we are also the greatest cleaning force. Our skills are legendary within the Armed Forces. 

Before starting, our window cleaners will discuss exactly what you want done. Pricing will be also be confirmed. Once we finish, we’ll do a walk through with you to make sure we didn’t miss anything and the job is completed to your satisfaction. In the rare case we missed something and you don’t notice until a few days later, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are typically back within two days to correct it. Seriously, do not hesitate. 

We also carry liability insurance AND workman’s comp. At times this may influence our pricing vs our competition. We believe it’s worth it for everyone’s protection.

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Window Cleaning Near Me Pricing

Window cleaning near me, how to count window panesThis should give you a good idea what we’re going to ask to get your windows clean. Like most companies in the industry, we price per pane. What do we mean? Basically, it’s each piece of glass with framing surrounding it. For example, this picture is a classic slider window. One side is fixed, the other side moves left right. We count that as two panes. It’s the same for windows that go up down. A picture window (fixed glass) or a casement windows (cranks out) we count as one pane. If you are confused, we can visit your house and do a quick walk around to count them.

Once you have a count, the next question is do you want the interiors and exteriors cleaned or just the exteriors? 

For interiors and exteriors, we ask $8 per pane which includes dusting screens, tracks, sills

For exteriors only, you’re looking at $5 per panes. Screens, tracks, sills are not included. Don’t worry, if you want the screens dusted, you just need to leave them on the front porch for us. 

French panes, windows that are segmented into small squares are priced differently. 

For those with heavy allergies or just want pollen, dirt, dirt, etc. completely removed, we do offer a deep screen cleaning for $3 per screen. We use our screen cleaning machine that is similar to a car wash. It soaps, uses bristles to scrub, finishing with heavy rinse. Only the better is to completely rescreen them

Prior To Arrival

Our goal is to be safe, efficient and cost effective. To help our window cleaners, we ask home owners to do a couple things prior to our arrival

Interior Window Cleaning Near Me

Due to current conditions, we wear face coverings when we do work in your house.

Please remove any breakables off sill and surrounding areas

We need access to your glass. So, we’ll need furniture, plants, etc, moved away for the windows. We can help.

Pets are great with us. We just want to make sure they aren’t Houdinis…meaning they are escape artists. As long as they are friendly, we enjoy them too 

We wear booties/foot coverings upon request.


Exterior Window Cleaning Near Me

When we do exterior cleaning only, we ask the homeowner to remove the screens. We want to make sure we have access to the glass. Again, we can help you if needed. 

If you have a fence, please leave one of the gates unlocked. We’ll need access to your back yard. 

Most pets we experience are very friendly. Still, we do ask you keep them inside if possible. We’re more concerned with them escaping than us being bitten.  Lastly, as you can imagine our fear, picking up “land mines” really goes a long ways with us. 

How long does it take and do you have to be there?

Here are a few variables that affect time. Condition of windows, for example what’s on the glass, paint, tree sap, bird stuff, etc. How much ladder is work is needed. Do they need to be cleaned up close and personal or will a waterfed system do an excellent job.

A good start is 20-30 panes per hour per side. 

Do you have to be there? Yes and no. If we are going to clean your interiors, we’ll need you to be there until the inside is done. We start with the interiors, that way can you leave if you have other obligations

Due to our busy schedule, it is best to call to have your questions answered or to schedule your cleaning

Current Service Areas

Are these the cities you have in mind when you typed in window cleaning near me?

Broomfield, Thornton, Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Longmont, Denver, Arvada, Northglenn, Lakewood, Wheatridge, Golden, Erie, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Englewood, Northglenn, Frederick, Firestone,

Coming soon, Ft Collins, Loveland, Colorado Springs

Ever wonder what the pros use?

Dawn for local window cleaning near meHere’s the secret ingredient and the only one you need besides water. We’ve all seen the home tips suggesting to add ammonia or vinegar. I guess the thought is they will help the windows dry faster. A good squeegee will perform exceptionally. Plus, the ammonia or vinegar have a tendency to create streaks if you aren’t fast enough and will cause deterioration of any films/sunscreens added to your window…Look at those ducks, how can it be wrong?

blue huck towels for window cleaners near me. window cleaning near mePaper towels, guess they could work for you. Here’s an alternative that does a great job, Blue Huck towels. If you hire us or decide to do it yourself, these towels are versatile and do a great job. Cleaning the edges of the glass or wiping the tracks, give them a shot. We typically get them from a window cleaning supplier, but they can be found just about anywhere

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