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Marines, the greatest Warriors, the greatest window cleaning force ever created.

We carry Workman’s Comp to protect you and our people, as well as General Liability to protect your property

Window cleaning near me? A little humor when it comes to window cleaning… Marines, the greatest fighting force ever created. The other side you may not know, Marines’ cleaning skills are legendary within the Armed Forces. 

Before starting, our window cleaners will discuss exactly what you want done. Pricing will be confirmed before starting. Once we finish, we’ll do a walk through with you to make sure we didn’t miss anything and the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Let’s Get Some Pricing For Your Windows Cleaning Job

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It’s typical in the window cleaning business to price per pane or piece of glass.  We’re no different. This picture gives you a good representation of how we count panes. To make it simpler, letting us know how many of each type of window you have works also. 

You can get a free estimate over the phone or we can stop by.  We’ll do a quick walk around your house to get a pane count. Then we can give you an exact price. You don’t have to be there if you have other commitments. We are just going to take a couple minutes to walk around the house. It is nice if  you are there so we can introduce ourselves.  

Some other things to consider when requesting an estimate, do you want interiors and exteriors or just one side, screens, tracks, sills, mirrors, chandeliers or any of our other services like gutter cleaning and pressure

Prior To Arrival

Our goal is to be efficient and cost effective. To help our window cleaners, we ask home owners to do a couple things prior to our arrival.

Interior Window Cleaning

  • Please have anything breakable moved off the sills and surrounding area
  • We need access to the glass and ask you move any furniture (We can help)
  • We wear booties upon request to protect your floors

Exterior Window Cleaning

  • To be safe, we ask the homeowner to remove the screens prior to our arrival. While we can get most screens removed from the outside, we want to make sure we have access to the glass.  Many screens need removal from the inside.
  • If you have a fence, please leave at least one gate unlocked so we can have access to the backyard.
  • Please keep any pets that have access to the backyard inside.
  • It doesn’t hurt to cleanup any “landmines”.  I know trustworthy plumbing contractor in Riverside, CA, our hands will be full and focused on getting the job done quickly and correctly.

How Long Does It Take And Do I Have To Be There?

There are several variables that affect length of time.

  • Condition of windows
  • What is on glass, i.e. paint, tree sap, oil, dirt, etc
  • How much ladder work is required
  • 20-30 panes per side, per hour is a good start

Do I Have To Be There?

For interior window cleaning, we do ask that the homeowner be present. Our standard procedure is to clean the interior window panes first. That way, you can leave prior to completion if you have other obligations.

For exteriors, we would like you to be there, at least for the completion, but it is not necessary. Visit We just ask that you keep at least one fence gate unlocked, so we can get to the back yard

Our Mission Is Two Fold

We want to give our customers a great experience. In turn, we hope this will result in a profitable business. As we get better, it’s time to start helping other Marines and Vets start their own profitable window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure

Different Tools We Use

Window Cleaning SolutionIf Dawn is great for baby ducks, how can it not be a great window cleaning solution. Is there a reason why you want to pay more for an inferior product?  

Squeegee handles are a plenty. The Ettore Contour Pro+ Handle may appear to cost Window cleaning squeegee handlemore, until you realize this one handle replaces 3. This is our handle of choice. You’re gonna need to find them online…but it’s worth it.

Blue Huck TowelsYou hear a lot about using micro-fiber towels. In the heat, we’ve found they can stick to the glass and leave lint behind. Instead, we recommend using blue huck towels. You can find them in a variety of stores or online. 

Window Cleaning Near Me

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