Pressure Washing


Prepping your house for sale is a good reason to search for “pressure washing near me”.

Your potential buyer may not see how great a job you did keeping your house looking great: but, they will notice if you did not..


First, you can take care of the obvious yourself, if you want to save a few bucks. Remove the cobwebs, dirt, leaves, junk that cannot be ignored as your buyer walks up to your house. Next, either remove or lighten the stains on the pathway to your front door. You know as you go to buy your next house, these things will stick out like a sore thumb and big turnoff to you. Addressing these few things will have a huge impact, whether you pressure wash your house or not.


Let’s move to other areas that your potential buyers will see. Does your back porch have the feel of an enjoyable get together with family and friends? The pictures to the right might be more extreme than your situation, but you get the idea. Signs that birds have been there (you know what we’re implying), even bigger turn off. Sounds like we’re trying to over sell the obvious, especially since you are already visiting our site…didn’t you type “pressure washing near me” into your search bar?  (You’re going to see “pressure washing near me” a few more times to make search engines like us more. Yeah, we know it’s silly).


For a small investment, you can have a major impact on your curbside appeal. Will it get you a higher price, maybe. Guaranteed it will get you more traffic which in turn creates more opportunity to sell….it’s worth it. Pressure washing near me helped you find us. Let us return the favor.


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Pressure Washing for Preventative Maintenance

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Mold forming on cement patio


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Here are some ideas if you decide to do it yourself

First, you don’t need that huge machine that can cut diamonds. But, I believe you’ll want one that shoots at least 3000psi and 2.5gpm.


The psi is the intensity of the waterflow. Be careful, too much pressure can cause damage. Using the different tips can reduce the force generated, thus, less likely to make mistakes.


Water flow is a great for washing and rinsing…more water, the better.


Detergents, the great unknown. Normally a mild detergent from Home Depot or Lowes will work for routine jobs. When the your project requires a deeper clean, stubborn mold or fungus, rust on your garage floor, driveway, walkway, cooking oils and grease, you may need a stronger detergent. A mild bleach base can be very effective for some situations. A harder grease remover isn’t uncommon. We can continue, but to save space and you time, give us a call. For you do it yourselfers, I’ll share some of our secrets.


Some misconceptions with pressure washing for certain projects

Removing motor oil. While pressure washing with a good detergent will remove the top levels of oil, there will still be shadowing where the oil was spilled.


Removing paint from wood decks, cement, others, damage is very common. Etching, wood fuzzing are just two common results.