Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning with gutter guardsGutter Cleaning the easy way...let us do it for you

> Gutter Cleaning Services from Windows Gutters Etc. Safety is number one to protect you and to protect us from any injuries or damage to the your property. Get a quote over the phone or in person. Once the job is done, we'll give you an inspection report for the condition of your gutters. We'll be looking for rust hole, proper grading towards the downspouts, are the gutters attached securely, etc.

Gutter Cleaning is an extremely important part of regular home and building maintenance. The gutter system is designed to carry runoff roof water away from structural and high foot traffic areas. So, reduce your risk exposure to costly water damage issues and potential lawsuits.

We've found the most effective way to clean your gutters is by hand. Sometimes due to obstacles or safety reasons, we may use a pressure washer to remove debris.

  • We hand remove and bag debris from your gutters

  • We spray your gutters to clear remaining dirt, roof composite and debris from the gutters

  • Most importantly, we flush your downspouts to make sure water is draining properly through them

  • And, we also inspect your gutters and can do minor repairs on the spot

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Gutter Cleaning

You might want to get your gutters cleaned before plants start to grow out of them

Gutter Repairs

Here is a list of some typical gutter repairs:

1. The most common gutter repairs we see are sagging gutters. Many older gutters are held in place by long nails or spikes. When these spikes come out the gutter is no longer supported. The way to repair a sagging gutters is to replace the spikes with long screws or to add new brackets. Hopefully no wood has been damaged that may need to be repaired too.

2. The downspouts are another area often in need of gutter repair.  If debris gets stuck in the downspout and freezes it can split the seam of the downspout. The downspout and elbow may need to be replaced. The bracket that holds the downspout to the home will often come loose and will need to be reattached to the brick or wood siding.

3. The most obvious gutter repair is to downspout extensions. Gutter extensions often get stepped on and crushed or kicked off entirely. Repairing or adding a new downspout extension is necessary in order to divert water at least 5 feet from you home and foundation.

4.The last of the most common gutter repairs are those dreaded leaks.  There may be a seam in the gutter that is leaking.  Often times this can be repaired with a seam sealant and maybe a few screws. Some leaks may be caused by gutters that have rusted all the way through. Some of these gutters can be patched and sealed but the gutter will need to be replaced eventually.

Therefore, regular cleaning and repair of your gutter system is important.  Perhaps you have noticed a sagging gutter, loose downspout, or have a bothersome leak that drips water right on your front porch.  Windows Gutters Etc can help!  Addressing minor repairs during a routine gutter cleaning is the best way to maintain the integrity of your gutter system. A professional gutter cleaning service, like Windows Gutters Etc, will be able to spot and repair damage before it becomes a bigger, more costly issue. While most gutters are simply in need of repair, some older systems may need to be replaced.  A professional gutter cleaner will be able to give you an honest assessment of your system and let you know when it is time to replace your gutters.