Pressure Washing

Beautification Protection Safety

There’s a reason you’re looking at our pressure washing page. You probably have several ideas why you are considering hiring a pressure washing company. Are you prepping your house for sale? Is your goal to keep your home looking good and staying in great shape? Something you may not have considered, is how pressure washing can impact the safety of your family and friends. There are so many reasons why a person wants to pressure wash their investments, we’re going to touch on a few. Once you hire us, you’ll get that calm feeling, knowing everything is maintained and looking good

Prepping your house for sale

Your potential buyer may not see how great a job you did keeping your house looking great; but, they will notice if you didn’t. First take care of the obvious. Remove the cobwebs, dirt, leaves, junk that can’t be ignored as your buyer walks up to your house. Next, either remove or lighten the stains on the pathway to your front door. Will you notice these things when you are considering your next house?

Let’s move to other areas that you potential buyers will see. Does your back porch have the feel of an enjoyable get together with family and friends? If you have signs that birds have been there (you know what we’re talking about), instant turn off, right? Do agree, people will feel more comfortable purchasing a home when it has the appearance of being well maintained? 

For a small investment, it will have a big impact helping you sell your house faster and hopefully for more money!

Preventative Maintenance

It’s probably safe to say that you’re the kind of person that would rather spend a little money now instead of a lot of money later. Why else would you reading about how pressure washing is a great tool to protect your investmen. 

Mold, fungus, algae can damage your home, whether it grows inside or outside. Some materials are more easily damaged by mold than others. The fungus/mold will literally eat away wood over time. Almost all materials will be damaged by mold to some extent given enough time. That damage will be more expensive to repair than the preventative maintenance today. Of course, you know that or you wouldn’t be here.

Do you think your fence might lose some of its structural  integrity as the ugly corrosion builds and penetrates the wood? 

Using the right detergents, techniques, pressure are also important. Can you imagine doing the your part to protect your house and the company you hire does damage?  We’re not trying to sell fear; instead, we want to make you aware that there’s a right way and a wrong way. 



A couple areas to contemplate when it comes to pressure washing, physical safety benefits and the health benefits. 

Falling hazards can increase when dirt, pollen, moss, mold, dirt build up on decks, walkways, roofs, basically, anywhere people may walk. When there is rain, the chance for slipping increases.

Outside mold does carry health risks. True, the risks are not as great as with inside mold. Most people don’t spend a lot of time outdoors near their homes, and even if you do, the concentration of mold will be less out there in the open air than it would be indoors. That doesn’t mean exterior mold cannot lead to health problems, though. If you do spend time outdoors in areas with significant amounts of mold, your health will be at risk. Children are particularly susceptible to mold-related health problems, so mold around play areas is especially hazardous