Window Cleaning Broomfield

Window cleaning Broomfield, by the time you get to end of this page, you should have a good overview of our process and pricing. Of course, your additional questions can be answered with a phone call, text, email. When you are ready to make a decision, let’s make sure we are on the same page. 

First, take a look at our process to know how things will flow from start to finish.

Next, take a look at how we price to give you a good idea what we are going to ask.

 How long will it take is a very common question. 

Lastly, what you can do to help.  

Window Cleaning Broomfield, you can expect a smooth process from start to finish and after

Window Cleaning Broomfield Process

window cleaning broomfield, local window cleaners broomfield, broomfield window cleanersYou already know this, getting on the same page from the very beginning is the best way to a great experience from both sides. When you speak with us on the phone, don’t hold back on how you would like things to unfold. We will start by asking which services you want. Window cleaning, but you can also add gutter cleaning and pressure washing if you desire. After reviewing our pricing here and speaking on the phone, you still have need for us to do an in person estimate/quote, we can schedule it. Normally, we are there within a day. 

When you are ready to move forward, scheduling is next. At times, we can be scheduling out a couple of weeks. For those with tight timelines, let us know. Many times we can find ways to accommodate you, to include working outside normal business hours. 

It’s always great if you are home/office when we arrive, so we can introduce ourselves. We’ll also confirm which service and associated pricing. If you are not able to be there, as long as we do not need access to the inside of the house, don’t worry about it. Just leave a gate open, so we can get the back done too.  Take care of your other commitments while we get the job done. 

When we complete your job, take a walk around your house to inspect. This is very important, if you notice we missed something, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are usually back within 48hrs to correct it. Even if you give us your seal of approval the day of job then notice we missed something a few days later, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Window Cleaning Broomfield

Window cleaning broomfield, broomfield window cleaners, local window cleaners broomfieldLet’s give you numbers then explain how it works for Window Cleaning Broomfield. 

$8 per pane for inside and out. Includes dusting screens, tracks, and sills.

$5 per pane for just the outside. Screens, tracks, sill not included. 

Take a look at the picture to the left. You can see the 4 picture windows on the top? On the bottom are 4 double hung windows (up/down). A pane is each piece of glass with framing surrounding it. In this picture, there are 12 panes, 4 up top and 8 below. 

All you have to do now, is count the number of panes and you will have a good idea what we’re going to ask to clean them. To keep the pricing simple, we don’t worry about which story or larger windows. We want to keep it easy for you to decide to hire us. 

If you have windows that a segmented into small squares (french panes), they are priced differently. Give us call. Muchwindow screen cleaning broomfield, easier to explain pricing over the phone or in person

For those with heavy allergies or just want pollen, dirt, dirt, etc. completely removed, we do offer a deep screen cleaning for $3 per screen. We use our screen cleaning machine that is similar to a car wash. It soaps, uses bristles to scrub, finishing with heavy rinse. Only thing better is to completely rescreen them. Hopefully, you are getting your questions answered if you typed in “Window Cleaning Broomfield”.

How long does it take and do you have to be there?

If you are wanting your interiors done, obviously, we ask you be there. Exterior cleanings, it’s up to you. 

20-30 panes per side, normally takes an hour depending on the condition of the windows, amount of ladder work, paint on the glass, etc. 

For exteriors, we have an advanced window cleaning machine, waterfed system, that can save time when cleaning the exteriors. Depending on the situation, it may not be the best method. We’ll determine the best approach when can inspect your glass

Prior to arrivial

Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness are our areas of focus while we complete your job. 

Interior Window Cleaning Broomfield

Due to current conditions, we wear face coverings when we do work in your house.

As you can expect, we need access to your glass. If you can help us by moving all breakables off the sills and away from the windows, it is greatly appreciated. 

Furniture, again, its great if you can move it, but we are more than happy to help. 

Pets are great with us. We just want to make sure they aren’t Houdinis…meaning they are escape artists. As long as they are friendly, we enjoy them too 

We wear booties/foot coverings upon request.

Exterior Window Cleaning Broomfield

When we do exterior cleaning only, we ask the homeowner to remove the screens. We want to make sure we have access to the glass. Again, we can help you if needed. 

If you have a fence, please leave one of the gates unlocked. We’ll need access to your back yard. 

Most pets we experience are very friendly. Still, we do ask you keep them inside if possible. We’re more concerned with them escaping than us being bitten.  Lastly, as you can imagine our fear, picking up “land mines” really goes a long ways with us. 

Window cleaning Broomfield? While we do the dirty work, Broomfield recreation has always offered a lot of distractions for all ages. Your kids can count on great youth sports programs, pools, skate parks for the thrill seekers, and a ton of other activities. 

For those a touch older, there are arts programs and classes. Parks everywhere to bring friends and family out for a good time. 

Broomfield Days is always a great time. Starts with a 5K race. Then get together with your neighbors strolling through all the booths. Support non-profits, for profits, classic cars, great food and drinks, local breweries, and great entertainment the entire day.