Window Cleaning Denver Metro

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Window Cleaning Denver Metro, the goal is by the end of your visit here, you will have a clear view of the numbers and what to expect. You can always call us for additional answers before scheduling your job. Calling is the easiest and fastest way to get your answers and schedule your job or estimate. Text and email is also fine, we may not be able to respond as quickly, but we will respond. Window Cleaning Denver is synonymous  with Windows Gutters Etc.

When you decide to move forward, we’ll find a date that works for you. We’ll ask if you would like to add gutter cleaning or pressure washing. You’ll get a confirmation text and email. 


Window Cleaning Denver Metro is synonymous with Windows Gutters Etc.

Window Cleaning Denver Metro Pricing

Window cleaning denver window cleaners denver, loal window cleaners, top rated denver window cleaners Window cleaning Denver, window cleaning denver screen cleaning, denver window cleaners screen cleaning, window washing denverWe try to make it easy for you to get your own window cleaning quote. Pricing per pane is fairly standard for the window cleaning industry. Understandably, at times, there can be confusion between number of panes and number of windows. We count each section of glass surrounded by framing. Take a look at the picture on the left. There are 4 panes, or 4 picture windows on the top row. Below are 8 panes or 4 double hung windows. As you can see, it’s each piece of glass with framing around each section. Meaning, there are 12 panes and NOT 8 windows. 

$7 inside and out of each pane (includes dusting screens, tracks, sills)

$4 for just outside of each pane ourselves. You might give yourself a heart attack

French panes, windows broken into small squares are priced different. These situations, we prefer to stop by to count them ourselves.  Don’t give yourself a heart attack if you start counting and using our standard pricing which do not apply. 

We have cool screen cleaning upgrade if you want a deep clean instead of just a dusting. It’s only $3 per screen

Window Cleaning Denver Metro Process

There are several window cleaning companies that do a good job cleaning windows. We are definitely part of the top 10%. One way we differentiate is how easy we make it for you. For example, getting pricing  right here on the spot, very straight forward. You don’t have to give us all your personal information while you’re doing to your research. Now call us to schedule! Lol

  1. Your very first call, Ray, the owner, answers 90% of all incoming calls. Everyone that is part of the team should be able to answer 95+% of your questions, if not all. They also have the authority to make decisions on the spot to improve your experience. If we trust them to work for us, then we trust them to make decisions on behalf of Windows Gutters Etc. 
  2. When you are ready to move forward, we’ll find a date that fits into your schedule. A confirmation text and email will follow shortly after. 
  3. A cool feature of our scheduling program, is it will send a text letting you know when we are on the way. It is set up to send a picture of our person assigned to your job. We’re working out one kink. At times, we change who is assigned. Sometimes, it’s late at night when a change is made. The kink is, a text will be sent notifying you a change was made…Do you want a text at midnight or 5:30am? 
  4. We’re going to confirm your project and listen to any specific requests you have. Masks are worn when we work inside your home. Shoe covers/booties are worn upon request. 
  5. Its great if you are there when we finish, so you can do your inspection the spot. Don’t worry if you aren’t. When you eventually get home, take some time to walk around. Even better, if a few days later you see something we missed, do not hesitate to call. We are typically back within 48hrs to correct it.  
  6. You can expect a follow up call to make sure we lived up to our end of the bargain. We send an email a couple times a year to help you stay on top routine maintenance. 

How Long Does It Take?
Do You Have To Be There?

If you have an understanding of “pane count”, this will let you budget your time. We hate to see you miss work, the gym, other obligations…unless you want it.

Depending on the condition of the windows, do we need a ladder, are we moving furniture, and other things, you should expect 20-30 panes per hour, per side.  

For exteriors, we invested in more advanced window cleaning methods, starting with a waterfed systems. Depending on the situation, we may clean your exterior windows by hand or with a waterfed system or another method. Each offers their own benefits and speed is one of them. 

Technically, you don’t need to be there when we clean your interior windows, we prefer you are. We do back ground checks on every person that works for us or with us. The exteriors, it’s up to you. We just need you to have a gate opened for the back yard, so, we can get the back yard windows cleaned.

Prior to arrivial

Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness are our areas of focus while we complete your job. 

Interior Window Cleaning Denver Metro

Working in your house, we wear face coverings. Booties/foot coverings are worn upon request

The most important thing you can do to help is removing breakables off sills and surrounding areas. 

Moving furniture is a great help. We know for some, it isn’t easy. Don’t worry, we are very willing to help. 

Furniture, again, its great if you can move it, but we are more than happy to help. 

Let’s get to something more important than window cleaning, your pets. Pets are great with us. We just want to make sure they aren’t Houdinis…meaning they are escape artists. As long as they are friendly, which 99.9% are, we enjoy them too 

Exterior Window Cleaning Denver Metro

Since all screens are designed to be removed from the inside, we ask you to remove them if we are only doing your exteriors. We can definitely help you. 

Unlocking your gate fences is needed, so we can get to your back yard to clean your windows. 

Most pets we experience are very friendly. Still, we do ask you keep them inside if possible. We’re more concerned with them escaping than us being bitten.  Lastly, as you can imagine our fear, picking up “land mines” really goes a long ways with us.